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Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting, we are here for you to support you and guide you through to the finish line. Our top-notch skills ensure you get the best experience. 

Furthermore, we specialize in FORECLOSURES. If you are facing one, come in for a free consultation because all the 5 Boroughs are coming to us to fix everybody else's mistakes. It is important to know your timing, don't wait too long because then you will find yourself either in a bankruptcy or without a house. We will find a way to modify your loan ("Modification") if you want to keep your house. We could sell your home ("Short Sale") if you decide to not to keep your house. Yes, you may still have a way out without having a "foreclosure" under your name. If your bank will not allow you to sell, we will still take you out of your obligations without a responsibly and still find a way to get you a place with bank funds ("Deed in Lieu). Every option is doable as long as you are on top of your game and fast enough to come see the broker or one of our professional agents who may come to you or bring you to our office.
Call today, don't wait.

The Right Price, Always

Looking for large or small, condo or mansion, TICs, fixer-uppers, or luxury? Since we are specializing in home owners who are in a rush to sell or dealing with foreclosures and bank owned properties, our prices are always right. If you want to get as much as you can for your house as a seller, no problem! You get to win a free no obligation licensed professional appraisal come out to your property who will then advise of the highest and best value in the area and Viola! Give us a weekend, yes- a weekend, and we will get you that offer in no time. This is also because we are well connected in all 5 boroughs that we daily know what is out there for sale and the best values for the square footage around. Whether a list of pre approved mortgage buyers, 1031-Exchange buyers, or all cash buyers, we got it all! 

We're Ready to Help

If you have questions about affordability, credit, legal matters, or income, trust us to find you what you need fast. We make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.  
We work like no other ordinary business, we open nearly 60 hours a week, I bet you that's the reliable place;)


Listing #1 $2,000,000

Crown Heights, Eastern Parkway. Coming soon.

Listing #2 $2,200,000

Midwood 3 Family, coming soon.

Listing #3 $525K

Jamaica Single Family. Fully renovated, coming soon.


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The Broker

Nina Sabag, 5 Boro Realty founder and licensed broker. Sabag has been in the real estate world since 2004. Rentals, sales, foreclosures, mortgage negotiations, she has done it all. Precisely choosing her team and closely working with the best law practices when needed. Even property title issues, Nina is the one you should consult with because most likely she'll find the way to bring the right person to the table and solve the problem.  

"Time is money, no matter if you have it or not. Whether we are investing or buying a lifetime home, it is important to know your balance. As we work to have a great home, we are here to make a difference in our lives and grow the right paths for our kids. I always say to the close ones to me, work today and live like no one else does, so you could enjoy life later and live then, like no one else could." - Nina Sabag


Our Agents. Our team of professionals. Our one-of-a-kind business personnel! Watch and see how a smooth transaction will make our Agent turn into your lifelong consultant.

Mortgage Modification

We will lower your mortgage interest rate to as low as 3.75% (why don't you take a moment to look at your latest mortgage statement and make sure you are getting the best rate possible!)

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